New User Eyebeam Softphone Setup (with Screenshots)

When you are a new user of USA Dialer Services you will need to download the eyebeam to your pc. You will also need a license key that will be provided to you by your companies USA Dialer Services Portal Administrator.

Our support department WILL NOT issue license keys to Non-Administrative users under any circumstance.

The eyebeam is a softphone software program that provides your individual dialer platform login with a dial tone that connects to our server via a sip protocol.

While your accounts server (or IP Address) is the same for all users on your account, each station (or user) has their own unique sip number that connects their specific login with our server and their user portal.

Even though the Eyebeam looks like a phone that you can call people from when it is on your computers screen, IT IS NOT! 

The license key provided for each user of our predictive dialer platform is specifically for calls to be made through the USA Dialer Services Platform.

The eyebeam softphone needs to be configured individually for each station and will need the following information found on each users settings page.

  • Display Name: This is the users sip number. (example only- sip_ 777)
  • User Name: This is the users sip number. (example only- sip_ 777)
  • Password: Generally, this is defaulted to 1234. THIS IS NOT THE SAME PASSWORD USED TO LOGIN TO THE DIALER PLATFORM.
  • Authorization User Name: This is the users sip number (example only- sip_ 777)
  • Domain: This is the server that your account is on and is the same for all stations and users on your account. (example only-

How to Find Your Eyebeam’s Required Display Name, User Name, Password, Authorization User Name and Domain as an individual station or user.

  • Login to your Dialer Platform at
  • Click on the small “gear wheel” icon found in bottom left corner in the darker blue navigation panel also on the left of the page. (see image below)

Clicking the gear will open your stations individual setting page that has everything you need to setup your eyebeam. (see image below)

Configuring Your Eyebeam with Your Unique Station’s Credentials

  • You will first need to have downloaded, opened and put the eyebeam license key that your companies Dialer Administrator* should had provided to you.

*Our support team WILL NOT provide license keys to Non-Administrative platform user under any circumstance.

When you open your eyebeam it with not have any of the settings from the above image in it until you add them. (see image below)

After you click Add another pop-up will appear and this is where you will input the Display Name, User Name, Authorization User Name, Password and Domain that you found in your station’s unique settings page. (see image below)

Now click OK. (see image below)

If you are successful, your eyebeam should register as Ready and display your user name as a sip_# (see image below)